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Weißes Auto auf einer Landstraße mit einem Fahrschulschild
Weißes Auto auf einer Landstraße mit einem Fahrschulschild
Weißes Auto auf einer Landstraße mit einem Fahrschulschild

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Du kannst Deinen theoretischen und praktischen Unterricht in diesen Sprachen durchführen.

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Friedrichstr. 13, Südstadt


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    Sonia Njery

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    19. Dezember 2019

    Hey guys if you are searching for the best driving school in Tuebingen then search no further. THIS IS IT!! I had registered at another school which I won’t mention and was very very disappointed and after coming to Academy Tobi Braun and was introduced to the best driving teacher in the whole world Yvonne I finally passed my exam on the 16 of December. Yvonne is more than a driving teacher, she is very competent, she challenges you in the right way and doesn’t overwhelm you, she is kind, caring, fun and interested not only in your driving progress but with you as a person and this helps her find a way to help you as an individual to attain your goal. If you love being taught strategically and not in an unstructured way you will love her way of teaching. She gives you advice that you will remember even years after your driving lessons. Simple clear instructions that no one else will teach you as a beginner. I can only advocate for Yvonne so much since if it wasn’t for her I couldn’t have made it through. She helped me fight through my driving fears n be confident that I will make it. There is no better school than this one in Tuebingen. So choose wisely n choose Academy Tobi Braun before you waste your time, money and energy on other non-competent driving teachers around. Thank you sooo much Yvonne for your efforts and all the very best for the future!

    David M.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    24. Juni 2019

    Very nice teachers and are also very sympathetic, care is very great, for the theoretical examination you were very well prepared and during the driving lessons I have so far made great experiences, as the driving instructor is very patient and empathetic, you can tell that she is in her element. For the others, I will not expect any disappointment either. In terms of price, the driving school is also great and the wagon is very good for novice drivers.

    963 f.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    10. März 2019

    Da hat fahren lernen Spaß gemacht. Super Fahrschule.

    Lisa F.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    12. Februar 2019

    Great driving school! My son was excited. Price / performance ratio was very good. The grandchildren will be back in a few years :)

    Veronika L.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    30. Oktober 2017

    Super Fahrlehrer, gehen auf Wünsche ein und nehmen den Fahrschüler sehr ernst!!

    Tobias B.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    18. Juli 2017

    Wir freuen uns auf euch!