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junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat
junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat
junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat

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Du kannst Deinen theoretischen und praktischen Unterricht in diesen Sprachen durchführen.

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  • Nov. 7

    Got my driving licence eventually! It was good experience with Oscar driving school. Manfred and Fahir who are my two instructors for my pratical training.....both are very experienced and professional! Special thanks for Fahir who was taking care my final training and accompanied with me to pass the exam.........most appreciated for his encouraging, caring and patience. Fahir would be the highly recommended one if you want to have your licence with happy and relaxing way!

  • Okt. 31

    Friendly staff, great teachers and a smooth process from application until getting my driving license. Very much recommended!

  • Sep. 30

    I passed the exam in just 25 minutes! Needless to say, I had been much better prepared than I thought. My teacher Ole made the effort to get to know me and figure out the best way to educate me as an individual. I went to lessons that felt personalized and tailored to my needs. Special wishes were always taken into account. One thing that proved great was working with a GoPro camera mounted in the front window to record lessons. This way I could prepare myself for the next lesson by going through the footage before to analyze my skills and needs for improvement. In moments when I felt nervous or unsure, Ole *always* managed to turn it around and make me feel both comfortable and safe. Throughout my education I was also taught smart strategies for how to read and understand different traffic situations, which will be very helpful when coming upon challenging situations when driving. I felt very well taken care of. Highly recommended. Thank you Ole!

  • Aug. 1

    I got my driving license after 5 classes. Teachers are rather good here. If you are searching for an English driving school, I strongly recommend taking classes here.

  • Juli 15

    Well... the lady at the desk informed me that i need to apply to burgeamt and within 3 to 4 months i will receive a confirmation of my theory test date and only when i pass that i can come to them for enrollment for practical training. Dint offer any information of classes about theory. Also when asked if they provide any training for theory she said i can study online and making BIG eyes said it will cost 300 Euros if i want classes for theory with them.


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