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junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat
junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat
junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat

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Hauptstr. 17, Schlagsdorf
(038875) 2 27 13


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    Manoj S.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    3. Dezember 2020

    I recently converted my Indian driving license with Fahrschule Oscar. Starting with theory exam, I used their app (FS Theorie) which helped me to crack it with 100% score in just 2 weeks. It has around 1100 questions with detailed explanation which will help you understand the situation and German traffic rules better. I did my practical lessons with my instructor Detlef. He covered all the possible traffic situations so I get better prepared for my exam. He gave me honest feedback about the mistake which I made during the session and helped me to improve on that. I would recommend him if you want to have a best driving experience in Germany. Overall Fahrschule Oscar is quite professional. I wish them good luck. Happy driving!

    Wagner S.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    2. Oktober 2020

    My experience with the school was amazing! Their app with question from the theoretical test is quite nice. The practical classes were also very good! All the staff is very supportive and always looking to ways to help you. Thanks to them, I was able to be transfer my drive license to Germany after try the tests (theoretical and practical) only once!

    Sophia B.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    17. September 2020

    Definitely recommend. The teacher speaks fluent english. I feel like I got a really good education here and I am now a confident driver. passed my driving test first attempt! 5 stars

    Minh L.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    14. September 2020

    Thank you Detlef and Airine for your great help!

    phani b.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    8. September 2020

    I opted for this school as this is highly rated school in Berlin and many of my friends recommended. After experiencing, I realized why this school has got such a good reviews and I would say, this school definitely deserves such a high rating. Very nice experience starting from First-aid lessons till the practical test. Very professional receptionists and very experienced instructors. Experience with my instructor: I don't have any experience in driving. So started from level-0. Mr. Detlef(My instructor) guided me and taught me all techniques very well. Mr. Detlef is very friendly and constantly giving feedback which eventually helped me to improve my driving skills. And believe me, learning driving with Mr. Detlef is so much fun. He has got good humour and great philosopher too. So, if you are looking for a very professional, experienced, friendly staff and smooth & fun(an imp one) involved experience to get your driving license, then I would highly recommend OSCAR Driving School.

    Derien W.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    6. Juli 2020

    I just passed my driving test for driving license exchange with 3 practice sessions. Everything was great here, nice instructor and staffs with very good English, the cars were also nice. Thank you very much for the support Oscar and team!

    Waqas B.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    22. Juni 2020

    I did my Driving License -Class B- from this school. My experience was superb. Everyone at the school speaks English fluently so if you can’t speak German than its not an issue at all. Instructor/Driving Teacher is really friendly, his method and techniques are great. My advice for you, is follow his instructions, so you would get your license in very first attempt like me.

    CC L.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    7. November 2019

    Got my driving licence eventually! It was good experience with Oscar driving school. Manfred and Fahir who are my two instructors for my pratical training.....both are very experienced and professional! Special thanks for Fahir who was taking care my final training and accompanied with me to pass the exam.........most appreciated for his encouraging, caring and patience. Fahir would be the highly recommended one if you want to have your licence with happy and relaxing way!

    Ferenc G.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    31. Oktober 2019

    Friendly staff, great teachers and a smooth process from application until getting my driving license. Very much recommended!

    Fabian O.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    30. September 2019

    I passed the exam in just 25 minutes! Needless to say, I had been much better prepared than I thought. My teacher Ole made the effort to get to know me and figure out the best way to educate me as an individual. I went to lessons that felt personalized and tailored to my needs. Special wishes were always taken into account. One thing that proved great was working with a GoPro camera mounted in the front window to record lessons. This way I could prepare myself for the next lesson by going through the footage before to analyze my skills and needs for improvement. In moments when I felt nervous or unsure, Ole *always* managed to turn it around and make me feel both comfortable and safe. Throughout my education I was also taught smart strategies for how to read and understand different traffic situations, which will be very helpful when coming upon challenging situations when driving. I felt very well taken care of. Highly recommended. Thank you Ole!


    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    1. August 2019

    I got my driving license after 5 classes. Teachers are rather good here. If you are searching for an English driving school, I strongly recommend taking classes here.