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junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat
junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat
junger Fahrer, der gerade seinen Führerschein bekommen hat

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Kapfenberger Str. 1, Neubuschbell
+49 173 1968592


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    Nisanth Arumuhathas

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    18. November 2019

    I have my driving license for the class A at Ingo. He showed me more than anything important and always had an open ear for me. You can talk to him about everything no matter what. Even after the driver's license, I have contact with him and we have planned to make tours next season. If someone can ride a motorcycle then it's Ingo. I can definitely recommend it with a clear conscience.

    Rafael Star

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    20. Juli 2019

    Luckily, every self can get an idea and THAT'S GOOD! I got my driver's license 2 years ago with Ingo's help! I always like to remember it and a thank you is not enough for the happiness I still have through Ingo! I enjoyed traveling with Ingo to the fullest, I can not forget a minute! First of all, I am not an adolescent 18 year old who made his appearance as soon as possible, or whose parents thought to pay it and then rush to the exam. (Sry experienced how parents can be just because they hear it from one side does not mean that it would be advisable) No matter fact is ... well that's the theory that he shone with experience what impressed me and he was right at 30 years it was different to learn. Since I paid my own bill and I care about traffic-safe behavior. I liked to learn a bit longer but better. Ingo recognized my self-generated stress, brought me to rest. His accompaniment through the driving lessons were also a challenge for him, because it did not always work out with my concentration ... and although he (as some write that he used the handy !!!) saw that I met sometimes wrong decisions and she corrected in the same moment. (strange or) that means he has you in the eye and that he still uses his cell phone to make more appointments. (I'm just wondering if some INgo see the phone playing, why were not the eyes on the ride on traffic, also strange again! I now drove more than 12 different cars to the van. I drive to Ingos school and that was the right choice. I received treasure through Ingo and his practice experience. Much with on the way and must regret Festellen. That I see other manners may shake me. But do not impress, because knows how it works now better. I wish you all the best Ingo, stay as you are and not as the world wants you. So who really want to make a sparkle, here are gold right! However, the will to self-reflection is always set in advance, because you can already say everything .... (haughtiness has a hack now, comes before the case)

    Ljubica Radman

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    1. März 2019

    I'm starting to get into this car school after I was previously in Fey and Clemens, in which I lost all hope that I would ever put a ride, since from 8 to 11 months I only had 5 hours of driving. Every little thing was canceled for me at the time when I was supposed to drive. In Ingo Maske I came to school through the recommendation of one of my colleagues and at no time did I repent !!! The girl who worked in the office was very kind and on the same day I signed up, I made that same week all the twin hours I was driving on my request. The instructor never canceled me for one hour and he had a lot of understanding, since I'm a Croat and I still teach the language. He constantly carried out his work very professionally and was great to me that I cooperated with him. This way I want to thank this school for everything !!!! You are the best and I can only recommend it !!!!!!!! 👌👌👌👌👌😊

Seit dem 18.12.2020 bis voraussichtlich den 31.01.2021, sind die meisten Fahrschulen in Deutschland wegen der Coron Pandemie teilweise geschlossen. Deshalb sind aktuell leider keine Beratungstermine möglich. Wenn Sie trotzdem die Fahrschule kontaktieren wollen empfehlen wir die Fahrschule direkt telefonish zu kontaktieren. Bleiben Sie gesund!