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Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 29, Letmathe
(02374) 1 67 97 08


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    Hendrik B.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    14. März 2021

    As a new CE owner, I couldn't have imagined or wished for a better driving school. A plan is drawn up in advance, clearly structured and flexible in terms of time, which allows theory, practice and professional life to be easily reconciled. Theory is conveyed in a practice-oriented manner and is not chewed dry according to the textbook. And when it goes into the truck, the time goes by incredibly quickly and, above all, relaxed without any lack of quality - thanks Ralf for that. It's almost a shame that I don't have any more driving licenses open, I would do them again with Ralf and his entire team at any time!

    S M.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    5. März 2021

    Many thanks to the whole driving school team for the great support! After two failed exams from another driving school, I moved here on the recommendation of my friends, and I can only recommend this driving school to everyone else. The employees are always available to answer questions and you are well looked after. Special thanks go to Stefan, with whom I really enjoyed driving and who, despite my fear of exams, prepared and encouraged me really well. Ralf’s driving school is the best driving school!

    L B.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    5. Februar 2021

    I would recommend a great driving school to anyone who wants to get their driver's license in an uncomplicated and fun way. The theory lessons are done quickly and with the app you can learn independently and easily. Above all, the driving lessons with Stefan are a lot of fun and Stefan is just a super nice driving instructor! All in all a really well organized driving school and really nice staff! Thanks for making me feel so carefree! Thanks especially to Stefan!

    Natalie G.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    15. Dezember 2020

    The course was really relaxed and you can do it in 7 days. Everything was explained very well and you could learn well, plus a very nice team and nice employees!

    blubby b.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    13. November 2020

    Many thanks to the entire team, especially to my driving instructor Stefan. The driving lessons have always been a lot of fun and I will miss them very much. Keep up the good work, I will definitely recommend you guys.

    Jan S.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    28. Oktober 2020

    It's a great driving school with a great team. I recently got my fourth license there and I think that speaks for itself. The price / performance ratio is right and you are always properly prepared for the exams.

    Bernie L.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    28. September 2020

    Many thanks to your entire team. Especially to Kai who implemented my personal wishes regarding the driving lessons and the practical exam so quickly. I will definitely recommend it to others! Thumbs up very, very high from me. Keep it up!

    M P.

    Nicht überprüfte Bewertung

    11. September 2020

    Great driving school. A super nice, committed and helpful team. The theory lessons are creative and totally modern and are very good preparation for both the theory test and the practical test. My driving instructor Stefan also prepared me very well for the driving test and managed to relieve my anxiety and nervousness, even during the test. In general, the whole training was a lot of fun and I felt that I was in very good hands.

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