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The official and most recent theory exam questions

After registering in your driving school your driving students can start learning theory right from the beginning and of course with the latest and official exam questions from TÜV and DEKRA!

Last Update:

  • Official or modern

    Our theory app includes the option of choosing between the official exam design and a modern one designed by us. Your students always have the option to choose the design the feel beeter with while learning.

  • Original exam simulation

    All questions (in text, image and video) correspond exactly to the legal text of the official exam questions. In addition, our exam simulation uses the same logic as the official exam and allows for your students to prepare specifically for the exam situation.

  • Questions and navigation in 13 languages

    Navigation, Theory questions and general app content is available as a multilingual version with 13 languages.

Learning progress, quick setup and statistics

With our theory app, you are always in full control and have the learning progress of your students in view.

  • Study progress

    In your overview, you can see at a glance all the activities of your registered driving students and can quickly get an overview of the learning progress.

  • Quick Setup

    You can create a new driving student access in less than 30 seconds. You have full control over the language of the app, as well as the language of the theory content that your student gets provided by you.

  • Statistics

    Your driving students want to know how far they have progressed. With our statistics for each session, as well as a detailed overall statistics, they can and are always up to date.

Effective and easy learning

With our theory app, your driving students have the best possible start into the world of theory and can deepen their knowledge from anywhere.

  • Guided start

    After the driving studen has been unlocked by you, he gains access to the theory app. From the beginning he is guided through the modules and gets the most important function explained independently - freeing up your time.

  • Genres and Themes

    The knowledge to be able to pass the theory exam is subdivided into different theme worlds. In addition, your driving student can choose different learning paths, such as our quick start mode, the theme worlds or the question list.

  • Game, Fun & Motivation

    With our system, your driving students are navigated through the application and playfully motivated to reach the next level.

Watch a 2-minute video demo of the Theory app!

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  • Unlimited number of student for one location
  • Secure data
  • Updated questionnaire
  • All 13 languages
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  • Unlimited number of student for one location
  • Secure data
  • Updated questionnaire
  • All 13 languages
Now 14 days free trial
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