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Save time, money and teach with modern theory content in your classroom

Make your driving school look modern and attract more students to your driving school with our the ClickClickDrive presentation software. It is intuitive and requires almost no training for your instructors. You can have multiple access for all your instructors and all updates are free.

  • Modern software

    Student like to learn in a modern environment, we use the latest designs, modern pictures and videos to teach theory while our competitors use pictures from the nineties. Make your driving school look modern and make your students more engaged during theory classes.

  • Up to date content

    We update the content regularly to be up to date with all the latest changes. All those updates come automatically and are free of charge. We want driving school to use the most up to date content and thus provide it for free.

  • Organise your classes

    You can reorder all the slides and videos in any order you want by simply dragging and dropping them to the position you prefer. When we update the content, our software retains the order you've decided on and remains unchanged.

  • Easy to navigate

    The classes are organised in Themas and Sub-themas to make it easy to navigate in between section. This makes it much easier to jump from one section to another in the classroom

  • License A and B

    The theory content contains all 12 Grundstoff themas, as well as 2 Zusanstoff Themas for license B and 4 Zusanstoff Themas for license A. Those were developed with driving school instructors and feedback with several driving schools.

  • License C and D (Coming soon)

    We are currently developing the content for all license C and D. It should be available shortly

  • Other languages (Coming soon)

    We are currently translating the presentation software in English, Russian and other languages will follow shortly

Become a partner!

Do you have special requirements or wishes in regards to which work steps should be digitized? Please contact us. We take your feedback serious and continue to develop our software - true to our motto:
From the driving school for the driving school!